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Training & Exercise

Training Calendar

Training ExerciseTraining and exercise is a vital component to providing emergency response agencies and their communities improved public safety and preparedness capabilities.

The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security will enhance the emergency preparedness of Idaho’s communities through the sustainment of a comprehensive, all-hazard training and exercise program.

Training ExerciseA comprehensive training and exercise program improves operational readiness, reveals planning weaknesses and resource gaps, improves coordination, clarifies roles and responsibilities, improves individual performance, and gains public recognition of the emergency services programs.

The training and exercise program is designed to be a cyclical process to include:

  • Training: Awareness, operational, technical instruction to improve responder knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Exercise: Demonstrate capabilities gained through new training and identify additional training needs.
  • Plans: Validate existing plans, policies and procedures, Automatic and Mutual Aid Agreements; to determine effectiveness, adequacy and applicability.
  • Equipment: Demonstrate capability and responder proficiency on new equipment, identify resource gaps, and improve interoperability.
  • Improvement Planning: identify lessons learned to include sustainment and needs for improvement.

Idaho BHS Training and Exercise Plan

Training ExerciseThe Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security is currently developing and will maintain a Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan. The plan will provide visibilty of training and exercise efforts done locally, regionally, and statewide. It is designed to provide direction and program focus by building upon capacities and capabilities.

Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security 2 Year Plan--coming soon (PDF)

Training and Exercise Planning Tools for Local Jurisdictions

Training ExerciseEvery county and tribe should work with their Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) to submit a 2-year training and exercise plan. The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security has tried to make the plans as simple as possible, using only 3 pages. One page for Training, one page for Exercises and one calendar. This simplified process will be an effective and useful tool for emergency managers, LEPCs, and local responders.

Please contact the State Training and Exercise Officer or your Regional T&E Coordinator if you need assistance developing your plan.

It is best to work towards NIMS compliance issues first and then address the outcomes from the T&E Needs Assessments

Planning Tool Instructions:

  1. Complete the “T&E Needs Assessment
  2. Reference the “37 Target Capabilities” to determine which capabilities need to be met.
  3. Use “Training Plan” to determine which classes are needed to fulfill capabilities. (Department of Homeland Security approved course catalogs )
  4. Use “Exercise Plan” to determine what exercises are needed to demonstrate capability.
  5. Use “T&E Calendar” to determine timelines for training and exercises.
  6. Plan is complete and consists of the following 3 pages: Training Plan, Exercise Plan, and Calendar.