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During disasters of high publicity communities and individuals across the world want to help the disaster victims and will send goods and cash. The acceptance, storage, distribution and disposal of unsolicited in-kind donations can help disaster victims if appropriate items arrive. If unnecessary items arrive, they can hinder the response and recovery operations due to the need to sort and store them.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is the preferred method of donated support to disaster victims. This allows the relief organizations to purchase items that are needed the most for disaster victims. It also allows them to purchase these items in and around the disaster area in order to help the economy recover.

In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donations may be utilized if they are appropriate to the need. Before sending items to the disaster area, check to determine what is needed by calling 2-1-1 or browse the donations website. If an organization has collected items that are not needed consider having a yard sale to earn cash to send to the organizations working on recovery in the disaster area. It is costly to receive, sort, store and disburse or dispose of in-kind donations.

If a donor insists on donating unneeded goods, they will be advised that although they cannot be accepted at this time, the information will be entered into the database and made available to responding agencies. If a request is later identified, the donor will be contacted. Donors are discouraged from sending unsolicited donations directly to the disaster site.

National Donations Management Network (NDMN)

The NDMN is a web based system that allows donors to input their in-kind donations and volunteer services during a disaster where many donations are being given. The voluntary agencies that are supporting a disaster response and/or recovery can then work with the donor to receive those goods or services. The link to the NDMN is: Although this website is functional, it is NOT monitored unless there is a disaster event that has caused the need for this service. Please do not input donations or services until this message changes indicating that it is activated.